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Welcome to the Virtual Gigs Career Workbook! This workbook is developed by IREX and informed by the  IREX’s Skills for Virtual Gigs Initiative, implemented in collaboration with KaziRemote (see case study) and the Kenya Ministry of ICT, Youth, and Innovation. It provides exercises for youth and facilitators to support youth with finding, securing, and successfully completing virtual gig jobs, and then using the experience to achieve future professional goals, whether it be long-term dignified careers or entrepreneurship.

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As the world of work diversifies with increasing online work opportunities, it is essential to provide youth with the knowledge and support they need to explore online work opportunities.

This can prepare youth for self-employment in order to generate income, learn and practice professional skills, and gain work experience that you can use for their future professions or businesses.

Skills developed in workbook

11 Essential Skills

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YOUTH: Primarily between the ages of 18 to 29 to help...

FACILITATORS: Youth development program leaders or educators can...

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Virtual Gig Worker Experiences


Meet youth online workers in Kenya who are navigating the world of online work.


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